Additional Services

Abstract of Title Searches

Title searches are performed on vessels presently documented or registered in a titling state to ascertain ownership and vessel encumbrances. An 'Abstract of Title' is obtained from the United States Coast Guard on vessels which have been documented. A check is also made with the dealer to determine the floor planning bank in order to obtain the Builder's Certificate and Statement of Origin or other floor plan documents.


Marine Documentations has extensive experience in the specialized and complex area of preparation of repossession and bankruptcy packages for lenders. This includes knowledge of the applicable state and federal laws which ensures a transaction's validity for the protection of all parties.

Marine Documentations provides the additional service of recording with the United States Coast Guard the repossession documents: Satisfaction of Mortgage and Bill of Sale. This simplifies the re-documentation or titling of the vessel for the purchaser.

Foreign Deletions (CAN and BVI)

Foreign Deletions are taking vessels that are currently documented in either Canada or British Virgin Islands and deleting them out of those countries documentation system in order to be able to document them in the United States.