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Marine Documentations

 Marine Documentations offers a full line of USCG vessel documentation and other services such as recording ship's mortgages, title searches through NVDC, and Coast Guard Bills of Sale. Our services are available for both new and used boats as well as pleasure and commercial vessels. 

Choose the Professionals

 With 35 years of experience, our staff guarantees you fast and accurate service. Located in the historic boating community of Hampton, VA. Marine Documentations is staffed by boaters like you. We work with all major marine lenders and our job is to make sure your transaction goes smoothly! 

Why Document?

Documentation is the federal registration of a boat with the US Coast Guard. USCG vessel documentation is recognized internationally as a certificate of ownership and nationality. Therefore, documented vessels are protected as Vessels of The United States.

To be federally documented, the owners of the vessel must be citizens of the United States. Usually, any boat over 26 feet in length qualifies for documentation. A documented vessel is identified by an 'Official Number' which is carved or bonded to the hull of the vessel. This permanent numbering system acts as a theft deterrent. If stolen, a documented vessel falls under federal jurisdiction for recovery and prosecution, rather than state or local.

A complete vessel file, including the chain of ownership and all recorded liens and mortgages, is maintained at the USCG National Vessel Documentation Center (NVDC). Also, documented vessels do not have to clear Customs when returning to or leaving the United States. Instead, a Report of Departure or Arrival is made to the Customs office, and a permit is signed by the master.



For the customer:

  • Do the paperwork right the first time and submit it promptly.
  • Issue traveling documents for interim use.
  • Do a title search with the US Coast Guard to verify ownership and liens of record.
  • Most lenders will disburse at closing if we are the agents.

For the dealer:

  • Prepare Coast Guard bill of sale for the dealer or seller.
  • Prepare the bill of sale on the trade-in from owner to dealer.
  • Request the builder's certificate.
  • Contact the customer and explain our services.
  • Expedite the transaction using email.